Airstream Answers – A Taoist and a Gnostic doing the Electric Slide

Thanks for dropping by! It’s time to unlearn. Let’s chat about how the ‘words’ we use to ‘think’ with have been limiting our view. Hankering to know who, what, why, and how you got here? I hustle using allegory, so stumble to the glossary if you trip over a word.

35 responses to “Airstream Answers – A Taoist and a Gnostic doing the Electric Slide

    • Well, ya know friend, I’m more of a carnie than a collegiate. I do get around to answering questions here and there. If you’re seeking knowledge, then that no-good neighbor of mine will take you on a real long travel. On the other hand… you can’t solve a problem with the same driving rules that got you asking in the first place.
      What you drinking tonight? Maker’s Mark for me.

      • Hello Xavier, I have read a few of your (and Chumba’s) interesting posts. A topic I often see is how our reality is not as it seems. I have thought for a long time what reality is, what we are doing here and what is the sense of it all. Perhaps it is my way of rationalizing past pains.

        Anyway, I would like to know whether its possible to leave the “carnival” or “fighting ring”, and if so how is it done? I believe life should be free of needless suffering.

        Thank you for your words my friend!

        • Suffering occurs when you’re damn sure there’s no exit. If you’re looking at the hour hands of your wrist watch, you’ll find that the suffering of others will always be. To remove its place within the carnival of duality is like a putting a tater in your speedo’s and wondering why everyone’s laughing at you (you put it in the rear instead of the front), like adding more salt to your hashbrowns at the Waffle House, or drinking a Coors and expecting a good buzz… impossible expectations. Well friend, turns out you can only save yourself. Your uncouth ‘relatives’ will tell you that they live forever, but they too are lost by the delusion and confines of the words they holler and think. You will stay in the carnival, or the ring for as long as you want. If you’re still there, you need to ask yourself, ‘why?’ Betch ya it’s because you are forcing your eyes to look at your watch! Look away from your fake Rolex and throw away the sense of what ‘you’ are. You will be as you once were, without angles and programming, without the sensation that your watch was really built to ‘last a lifetime’.

  1. I’ve done a bit of campering myself. In between jobs in prop management. So you are carny? Ever heard of Gibtown. I managed a motel, right next to Giant’s Camp. Giants granddaughter Lisa worked for me. Just curious! But that would be amazing!

    • Well friend, Gibtown is a second home, so to speak. You might of heard of Grady Stiles, lobster boy, yes? If so, I highly recommend you read A Book to be Burned, as Grady’s son (who also inherited ectrodactyly) is also known by his friends as ‘Crawdad’. Believe me when I tell you, he’s didn’t turn out like his father… and that’s a damn good thing. Go to to get acquainted.

  2. unbelievable. Small world! Yes I managed East Bay for 2 years.. I still a cat who was a refuge from Giant’s camp when it closed. Yes, Heard of Lobster Boy. And I will check the site out. :)

  3. Hello sir…. I don’t usually correspond, but your voice hit me, after seeing you like one of my word jumbles (poems) … Look forward to reading some more of your words, tricksters or not as I continue on, searching for that ever evading and always mysterious spirit of matter I think exists but might just be deceiving me

  4. I love your blog, I love how unique the language is and how perceptive you are. Consider yourself followed.
    Best Wishes
    The Spiritual Rebel x

  5. We have woken up to truth and wisdom. knowing who you really are is the greatest thing to occur since sliced bread!!!! I’m in search of others like me. who understands the wisdom of consciousness and how it connects with everything! the expansion of our spiritual self has arrived. the journey never ends, my friends. only to continue throughout all eternity into infinity through all dimensional spaces. for the point you enter into your own stillness…. I Am Presence

  6. Okay, I’m hooked. Carnie, Airstream, Tao quotes, metaphysical glossary–plus the photos (fantastic)! I feel like I’m at a carnival already, ready to be wooed and wowed. Or stepping into the rabbit hole . . .

      • I like the blog. I get a bit weary of the Buddhist mysticism, the omniscience and stigma of accepting they are the end all of spiritual knowledge. Give me a good Taoist any day, My spirit continues to grow and has yet to find conformity. I’ll be back for another round.

    • Howdy friend! Good to see that you dropped by for a whisky or two. I’ve read some wonderful posts in your neck of the wood of late. ‘Bluewolf’, who sometimes comments over here is a musician and expressive of your caliber and persuasion. I’d like you 2 hombres to meet just outside the carnival to share your creations. I’ll be forwarding your blog address to ’em soon.

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